how it all began...

SmartCare originated from Lyn Cecil's personal experience following the birth of her son Mark in 1979.


Mark was born five weeks prematurely at Sydney's Sutherland District Hospital with multiple abnormalities and H-type Fistula, a rouge tube connecting the oesophagus to the trachea allowing food particles and fluid into the lungs.

This combination of medical conditions severely reduced his chances of survival

Mark's survival is attributed to the dedication of Dr. Barry Duffy and his team at the Prince of Wales Children's Hospital, Randwick.

The stress, strain and mental anguish Lyn experienced during this time of raising a special needs child however, brought her caring instincts to the fore.


Lyn initially took up a weekend nursing position in a nursing home and in October 1997 she gave up a full-time Executive Secretary position to become a full-time carer, overseeing the rehabilitation and well-being of a stroke victim and a quadriplegic.


As time went on, Lyn realised from her first hand experience that the plight of the disabled had not changed since she raised her own special needs child so many years ago. Lyn noticed this was particularly so when people wanted to attend an appointment or social function.


As a result of Lyn's experience a unique service was born.


Lyn started the Bangor Caring Service, based in Sydney's Sutherland Shire, in July 1998. Bangor Caring Service provided wheelchair accessible transport for people needing to attend many activities most people take for granted. A sponsorship with the Cronulla Sharks Rugby League Club followed and soon many people within the local community were able to take advantage of this unique service.


In July 2000, Lyn's business emphasis changed from being a wheelchair shuttle service to a transitional care service. The current focus is on transitional care with associated personal care, and the company has a new name, SmartCare.


Today SmartCare provides the best possible transitional and associated personal care service to help the frail, aged and wheelchair bound citizens experience the same level of mobility enjoyed by others in the community.

SmartCare enjoys a huge acceptance by many nursing homes and local community organisations.